Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jack Frost, you evil bastard

Things that were supposed to happen this weekend:

~*~ Gram & Gray Gray coming to town (as usual)
~*~ My best friend, CRB, and her daughter coming to town
~*~ SugarPlum's first basketball game of the season
~*~ SugarBear's first basketball game EVER
~*~ SugarBug's friend, M's, birthday party at the "paint your own ceramic" place
~*~ Beginning new Sunday School program at church
~*~ Lots of fun time with friends and family

What ACTUALLY happened this weekend:

~*~ Stuck in house all by ourselves for three days straight with lots of time to think about how much we miss Daddy.

Good times.

Well, winter finally decided to come to Candyland. And it's here with a vengeance. The rain started Friday morning and by noon the temperature had plummeted to nearly freezing. By the time I picked the kids up from school, there was ice on the van. We haven't left the house since we got home Friday afternoon.

After looking at the radar and weather forecasts Friday morning, I called my parents and CRB and told them both not to come. The roads were going to be really icy well before they made it to Candyland PLUS there is no guarantee as to when they would be clear for them to get out of here. You know it was bad if I told people not to come and relieve the monotony.

Bear and SP were disappointed that their games were cancelled. Bug is still clueless about the birthday party, even though we had picked out a crown, fancy hair stuff and a fuzzy scarf for his friend M's birthday. (Don't ask me, these were the things that he picked out and insisted that he had to get her. He's a funny little guy!)

SP was even more disappointed that CRB and her daughter (my beautiful god-daughter!) didn't get to come. She is b-o-r-e-d. But, what self-respecting ten year old isn't? She mentioned today that this reminds her if the Little House book, The Long Winter. I agreed, with a few caveats. We have plenty of food, central heat, communication with he outside world, it's only three days, and there is no blizzard.
We have had an okay weekend so far, though. Mostly we have slept in (even Bug!), snuggled, watched movies, baked and, of course, it wouldn't be a weekend without the boys beating the crap out of each other ten or twelve (thousand) times. The whining though, has been kept to a minimum. By the children anyway. I have been whining to anyone who will listen. And even a few who didn't want to listen. So, if your phone rings this afternoon...check your caller ID!

School is out today, thank goodness. Hopefully the roads will clear some so that everyone can go to school tomorrow. Togetherness is good, but come on!

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