Saturday, August 04, 2007

Still in Beach Mode

I haven't been able to work up the energy or at least the will to post lately. I'm still pretty chilled out from the beach, I suppose. That, and I have really enjoyed just being with my family & spending time with my husband, I suppose.

The irony of that is, at this moment, I am actually away from my family for a few days. I am in Dallas visiting some friends and basically just doing absolutely nothing and having no responsibilities. SD returns to work next week and I knew that this was my last chance at solitude for a while. So I seized it!

I am working on a post about our trip to Virginia, but it may be a few more days. I HAVE uploaded a bunch of pix to Flickr, if you want to take a look. They are by no means all of the photos taken that week, just the ones with my new camera that SD got me for my birthday. YAY honey!

More to come, I promise!

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