Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The last political post for a while (and you thought the others were rambling and incoherent!)

Okay, no, my team didn't win. And yes, I am very disappointed and more than a little scared. But I also have a very strong faith and I know that God is still in control no matter who is in the White House. (But I am wearing black all day today. Because the stores are all sold out of sackcloth and ashes)

That said, before I can "move on," I must vent.

I figured that this was how the election would turn out. I really hoped and prayed that John McCain would end up winning, but bless his heart, there are just some things he refused to do or say just to get elected. Which is one of the many things I do admire about the man. He has integrity enough for all of us.

What has me cranky right now, is one person in particular who asked me to go read her post about how great this all turned out. So, I did and left what I thought was a respectful comment. But I did feel that I had to mention my uneasiness about the socialist, big government leanings of our now-president-elect. This person responded (very politely and respectfully as well, I will concede) by implying that I was simply responding to "campaign rhetoric and fear mongering." Well, socialism is socialism. And "spreading the wealth" is straight from Karl Marx and is pretty much the dictionary definition of socialism - at least when the government is who gets to decide where and to whom my "wealth" is spread.

I am not a selfish person. Nor are most conservatives. From the research I have done (and I don't have time to provide links to the places I have researched, but rest assured I am not just assuming or repeating what I have heard), my family and I give a much greater percentage of our income to charities and to help those in need than either of the incoming members of our executive branch. I am afraid that I won't be able to give to these people and agencies any longer if the government is going to be taking that money in the form of taxes. Or at least I won't be able to give as much. Because I will still give what I can. This is what the Bible - and my conscience - says to do.

I am an intelligent, well educated woman who thinks for herself and I form my opinions based on what I see and hear from the candidates themselves. Not what people tell me to think, not what any campaign says.. I know that there are lots of us on both the left and the right. I just really resent people assuming that I don't know what I am talking about. Or that I am some sheep. I don't drink the koolaid. Anyone's koolaid.


That said.....I will not be forced into being some bitter, pessimistic person who is toppled by one election that I am dissatisfied with. I will not be like those people four and eight years ago who said that if their guy didn't win, they were moving to Canada or France or wherever (but, golly, why didn't they?). Because I am an American. And damn proud of it. We're better than that. And even though my guy didn't win, it was the result of a free election and votes that were cast by secret ballot. And any citizen of this great country of ours was free to cast that vote without fear of retaliation or any other threat. And that is a remarkable and precious right and freedom. And we get to do this every four years. We have no dictators, no kings, no "ruling class."

This country we have is one amazing place. One man, one election cannot change this. And, you know what? I agree with Chris. I could be totally wrong about this new president. He may be just what we need. He may be able to bring us together and not ruin our economy and keep us safe. And I will be among the first to admit if I was wrong. I am reserving judgement about that. But either way, we will survive. Because God is good and I trust HIM.

So congratulations Sen Obama. I have already started to pray for you and will continue to do so. I will respect you, if for no other reason than you will be our President and the leader of our country. And those who show disrespect for that hurt us far more than they help. God bless you, Mr Obama. And God Bless America.

Red State has posted an Obama Administration Survival Guide. It actually has some great points and isn't vitriolic at all. Very good, encouraging thoughts and advice.

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