Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dang, this is killing me

I have honestly had every intention of blogging about the past week or so. About how I had most of my girl parts removed. How I almost bled to death right after. All the glorious aftermath of my medical adventures. But I am still so tired.
I mean, I knew from the gall bladder surgery and the ectopic surgeries that I would be tired. But for some reason I thought I would bounce back faster this time. I guess someone forgot to remind me that I'm 40. Middle aged. We don't bounce back so quickly any more. In fact, very little bouncing of any kind  has taken place as of late. Because, you know, forty.
So, once I have the energy to blog somewhere other than on my phone while lying in bed; and once my head is clear of the anesthesia from two trips to the OR in one day, I promise to share the whole exciting tale with you. Though at this point, it might be sort of anti-climactic.
But for now, I'm going to sleep some more.


Twisted Cinderella said...

hey forty isn't so bad! (says the girl who turned 39 today and needs to live in hope).

I hope you recover soon.

Sonya Rhodes said...

There's a reason the docs tell you to not drive or do strenuous activity for two weeks! Rest, rest, rest!!! You have the remainder of your days to blog, but you won't get that many more chances to nap. :-)

Kristina said...

No, no bouncing. Napping. That amount of blood loss along with being 40 will do that. Remember your body is healing, lots going on. I don't want to be negative but it took much longer than I expected after my 'er episode' to feel normal again. Cut your self LOTS of slack!
Love you!!!!