Monday, July 02, 2007

Still scratching....

Just a quick update. I'm about to go pick my husband up from the airport.YAAAAAYYYY!!!

So, back to the fleas. BOOOOOO!!! I lied in the last post. Not long after I posted, SP came to tell me that Snazzy was all "bald on one side." And sure enough, she had scratched so much that her whole right side was about bare & covered with oozy spots (hope you aren't' eating while you read this). So, off to the vet we went and he said, "Yep. Fleas." and $268 later, I came home with Prednisone, CapStar, Advantix, and the right size of Sentinal for Yogi. The vet also told me not to feel too bad, that everyone in the city had fleas and that until it dries up some around here, it will continue to be a problem. EW.

After I treated the dogs, In was off to Petco and bought the flea powder that you work into the carpet and some of the spray for where I couldn't get to the carpet. I spent most of the day picking up so that I could do the powder stuff and then ran out of time to do it. So, I sprayed as much as I felt safe spraying to kill the fleas, doused the kids with OFF! and put them to bed. (Sending them to bed covered with DEET wasn't ideal, I know, but it beat having them covered with even more flea bites.

Sunday, I was rocking Bug for his nap and had to literally pick fleas off the child at the same time. GROSS. GrayGray said that he was having to pull them off Bear as well. That was it. I was going to kill those little fuckers (the fleas, not the boys) and I was doing it ASAP.

I went back to Petco and bout six flea foggers and then came home and gathered up every piece of clothing, bedding or towels that was out. Gray took the kids to the movies and Gram and I loaded up all the laundry. I set off those foggers all over the house and then we headed to the laundromat.


We did seven loads of laundry. And made fools of ourselves in the process. I couldn't figure out how much it cost to work the machines. Then we had to figure out where to put the soap, etc. It would have been hilarious if I hadn't been so cranky. I told my mom that we probably looked like Paris and Nicole on the Simple Life. Only with great big asses. Oh, and brains.

We finally got back int he house four hours later and we had ice cream for supper. The kids were gobsmacked. Seriously, Mom? Ice cream? Yes. Ice cream. It was too hot for anything else.

Where do we stand now? Well, I haven't noticed any new flea bites. But I still have the exterminator coming tomorrow and I will be treating the carpet at least once a week. And I still have the heebie jeebies whenever anything brushes against my leg.

Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to get my husband. And try not to think about fleas.

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