Saturday, July 19, 2008

Why Bug is my favorite right now

Since my surgery, the boys have been all about gallbladders, the digestive system and just anatomy in general. So, last weekend, I bought them one of those science books about the human body with sections on muscles, nerves, different systems, the brain, skin, etc. And it has those cool overlays and really great descriptions and explanations of the various parts of the body. All three kids have been poring over it daily.

So, the other night, SD and I were looking through the book with them and they came to the section about the brain. We were talking about how different parts of the brain control different parts of the body and its functions. SD told them about how the front lobe controls personality and, essentially, about frontal lobotomies. How doctors do this (albeit RARELY) to "cure" sever mental/personality disorders.

Then SugarBug - totally seriously - says, "Is that what happened to you, Daddy?"

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