Friday, August 22, 2008

Conversations with Bug & Bear

Bear (looking at a red SAAB convertible): That's a sweet convertible, isn't it, Mommy?


I told the boys that since they didn't get the Legos picked up, that they wouldn't get to play with them for a week.

Bug: A week? I can live with a week.


Bug: Mommy! Guess what my favorite thing is!

Me: Umm...snuggling your Mommy?

Bug: No!

Me: Kissing your Mommy?

Bug: No!

Me: Hugging your Mommy?

Bug: NO!

Me: Taking a nap...with your Mommy?!

Bug: No, Mommy!

Me: What then? What's your favorite thing?


(The Bloggess would be so proud)


Bug: When I grow up, I will live in a different family. I will have a family of my own and i will be the Daddy.

Me: How many kids are you going to have?

Bug: Six.

Me: (!) Wow. Boys or girls?

Bug: Well, I guess whatever they come out as!

Me: giggle

Bug: But, I hope that they are all girls because boys make REALLY big messes!

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