Thursday, September 04, 2008

Things I have been excited about that, in retrospect are just flat-out irritating

  • "Wow! Gas is only $3.62 at that station!"
  • "The boys actually stayed in bed all night!"
  • "Hmmmm, it only got up to 101 today. So much better than 110!"
  • "I'm down to four loads of laundry! WOO HOO!"
  • "If I listen to children whine for five hours straight without killing anyone, will I get a prize?
  • "I got out of Target under $100! I ROCK!"
  • SugarPlum's sneakers still fit. That means I only have to buy shoes for the boys....and "nice" flipflops for SP."
  • The boys now wear the same size nighttime pull ups. Now I can buy just one size! (for the five and seven year olds who still pee all night...)
  • I'm so glad that my parents were never judged by the horrifyingly bad choices I made when I was seventeen....

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