Monday, January 12, 2009

As long as they don't start emulating Freddie Mercury....

Bug & Bear found a book of nursery rhymes Friday. They paged thru, reciting the ones that they know ( most of them). Then they came to Wee Willie Winkie and all hilarity broke loose as they started doing this song, ala Queen:

We will, we Will-ie
*boom boom BAM boom boom BAM*
We will, We Will-ie

At this point Bug attempts some sort of rap-type-thing that went something like:

I'm Wee Willie WINKIE
I run thru the TOWN
Upstairs & Downstairs

(you get the idea)

SD and I were laughing so hard that we could hardly catch our breath. And the best part was that they did this for well over 20 minutes. Oh, dear lord in heaven, it was so stinking hilarious. Some days, I love living in this house with these people!

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