Monday, April 23, 2007

Rachel, don't read this...

I need help. (hush) I am hosting a bridal shower for a good friend (and the best babysitter in the history of the world!) in a couple of weeks. I am at a loss as to what sort of things to do at the shower. There will be quite a mix of people as it will be at our (Baptist) church which is the church her grandmother attends. There will be college students, grandmothers and everything in between.

My favorite shower activity is to write down what the bride says while opening gifts and then read it back as what she will say on her wedding night. "Oh, wow! I was hoping for one of these!" "WOW! It's bigger (or smaller) than I thought it would be!" "This is so wonderful." "I'm not sure what to do with this.."

However, I'm not sure how well this would be received by the "grandmother" portion of our guest list. Which, quite honestly, makes up a large percentage of that list.

When I host baby showers (which, in the Air Force is quite often), I always have the guests decorate onesies and/or cloth diapers (to use as burp rags) with fabric markers. I was thinking maybe having guests decorate dish towels or cloth napkins. Would that be dorky? Or helpful? And, since this is largely an older crowd, would it be fun to have embroidery thread and have guests embroider the towels? I'm at a loss.

So, do you have any great ideas? I want this to be a nice shower without being boring OR offensive to anyone. HELP!!!!!

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