Friday, April 13, 2007

Still more phrases I rarely use in conversation with adults

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* Get your hands out of your pants.

* You really need a spoon to eat that yogurt.

* If I see Legos in your mouth one more time, they are all going in the trash.

* Do you need to go poop in the potty?

* You do it the first time I ask.

* If I have to ask you again, you are going to lose a sticker.

* No. It's cold outside, you have to wear shoes.

* And a sweatshirt. No tank tops until it's over 80 degrees.

* I WILL take that giraffe away.

* Why did you put lotion in your HAIR??

* You only pee in the potty.

* Who's my potty boy??

* I have the Easter Bunny on speed dial and I WILL call!

* Stop looking at your brother.

* Is that chocolate syrup on the back of your head?

* No, we can't have your birthday party at NASA.

* Or Sea World.

* Please don't sit on your brother.

* Stop making that noise.

* For crying out loud, STOP MAKING THAT NOISE!

* You have such a snotty nose.

* No, I really don't want to go see your "great big, humongous snake poopy."

* But we do need to wipe your hiney a little better, I do believe.

Now it's your turn. Share one (or more) of your "favorite" phrases!

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