Thursday, March 02, 2006



Back to the land of the living.

Bear and SugarPlum both had a touch of stomach virus on Monday. SugarPlum complained of nausea first thing after she woke up and since she isn't one to fake it, I decided to let her stay home. She never threw up, but she slept most of the day which is very unlike her. I sent Bear to school though, because he is "sick" at least twice a week. So you know he puked at school, right? Three times. Poor guy. Mother. of. the. Year.

But he only threw up at school, so I had to go and brag to some friends that this round wasn't so bad, since nobody threw up at home. Will I never learn???

Yesterday, I got up and made my tea, got SugarPlum's hair fixed & got her out the door, and got the boys' downstairs to play. Bear was staying home an extra day because he was complaining about his ear & had a dr. appt. I had a friend coming to watch Bug.

Shortly after SD left, I started feeling queasy. Then the bathroom parade began. (I'll spare you the gory details.) I sat curled in a ball on the couch between trips. I didn't know how I was going to get Bear to the pediatric clinic, but I got us dressed. I called SD's cell, even though I knew he was in class. He was planning to go to Ash Wednesday Mass, but at this point I really needed him to come home and take Bear. Which he did. Smart man.

With them gone, I got Bug down for his nap and laid myself down. I vaguely remember SD calling and saying that the clinic was running an hour behind. Then I remember him calling to say that they were at lunch and did I want him to pick me up something from Starbucks? Ummmm that would be NOOOOOOOOO! Since I couldn't keep water down, I didn't think a CDL would be in my best interest. I don't think he realized how sick I was until then.

I slept until he had to go back to class at 2:30. While he was gone, I realized it was sunny! And warm! Okay...not cold!! outside, and shoved the boys out the door. SugarPlum started to ask if her friend N. could come over. Then, noticing the greenish tint to my skin, decided that perhaps it would be better to ask if she could go play at N's house. Of course I was all for that.

SD found me curled in a ball in the rocking chair when he got home at 4:30. He suggested that I go back to bed. That was the best idea I had heard all day. I stayed there (except for a couple of trips to the bathroom) until Bear came in at 7:30 to ask me to read him his bedtime story and sing to him. Only Mommy will do, you know. (okay, yes, this made me a little happy!)

I decided I might feel good enough to come downstairs, if only to get some migraine medicine because the left side of my head was pounding!! Then I decided I'd check my email. And maybe eat some crackers and drink some Sprite. That lasted about an hour at the most. The crackers & Sprite didn't last long and I was back in bed by 9:30. I slept all night. I didn't even watch Project Runway. This is why God made TiVo.

Whatever that virus was, it was a bitch and I hope we never see it again! I am feeling much better today, although not 100%. I'm on a tea and toast diet today. I did start a load of laundry and go through my sweaters to get rid of some of them. But that pretty much wore me out.

Tonight we have the Brownie fashion show at Limited, Too. This should be interesting. Overpriced clothes to make your nine year old look like a tramp! Come one come all!

Better take my Maalox.

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