Monday, March 13, 2006

Giving new meaning to the $100 hamburger...

Now with pictures!!!!!

So, yes, I was a bad, bad blogger this weekend. I spent very little time online. And even less time posting (obviously)! Part of this was because my mouse quit working. It would move around and point, but it wouldn't left click. So it was useless. Luckily, I was able to get to Best Buy last night and buy this mouse. I was excited because it is rechargeable and hopefully I won't use so many batteries! One only works when it's attached to the USB cable. So that sort of takes away from the whole "wireless" aspect of it. Looks like I'll be making another trip back to Best Buy tomorrow!

And the thing is, I had so much to post about!!

Next month we are all flying to my best friend's wedding. (Okay, you're not going with us. There isn't enough room. Sorry.) And instead of going on an airline, SD is flying us! All right, yes, I'm a little apprehensive about this. The first time I flew with him, I came very close to losing my lunch. However, I trust him and this will be easier than flying with all three kids, changing planes, keeping the boys from kicking the seat in front of us and pissing off that get the picture. I'll buy some SeaBands and Dramamine and I'll be fine.

But, we needed to do a little "test flight" to see how the kids reacted. SugarPlum and Bear have both flown with SD before, but Bug hasn't. And honestly I haven't in nearly seven years. So we needed to go somewhere that wasn't too far away. About an hour or less of flying time. And I thought, "Who can we go see??" Because it would be a shame to fly somewhere and not get to see someone.

We were afraid that we weren't going to get to go anywhere because we woke up Saturday to thunderstorms. But finally those cleared up and we headed out after naptime. Bug was soooo excited. He paced around the plane. He tried to climb in. Once we were in the plane he kept saying, "I want to go up."

And you should have seen his face once we finally were "up." It was priceless.

Bear got to ride up front and help Daddy fly. He thought that was great fun. And then he fell asleep. Bug got to wear the extra headset for the rest of the flight. He entertained Daddy with his versions of Twinkle Twinkle and Baby Galuga.

So who did we see? Mamacita!!! Who is only one of my HEROES!!!! (wanna know why? read this.) You know you are jealous. We met her at Steak and Shake and we were like half an hour late but she was still there! I was so relieved. And yes, she is just as wonderful as you imagined she would be. My kids loved her. Especially SugarPlum. She kept us giggling with stories about her mom. And her kids. I hope that I will get to spend time with her again, because honestly she is magnificent! I wanted to stay all night. But we needed to get home before dark. And SD was getting restless. So we said our goodbyes, took a couple of pictures (which didn't turn out so well, so I'm waiting to get her permission to post!) and we were off. (Mamacita sent me the picture from her camera and it is much better!) Isn't she lovely?!

Once we were back in the plane, SugarPlum sat up front. I sat in back and Bear sat in the middle with Bug. And the heater didn't work. I was well chilled by the time we landed.

So, all in all, it was a good flight! Looks like we will be flying down to the wedding. We may even fly up to our next base for a little house hunting!! We shall see how ambitious we get.

**there would have been pictures with this post, only Blogger is being cranky. thus, so am I.**
woo hoo! Blogger is better!! hope you like the pix!

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