Saturday, March 18, 2006

*yawn* (and other stuff)

So sorry I haven't posted since Wednesday. The whole post-op kid thing has worn me down. He's doing He says that his throat only hurts a little. We have kept him doped up on codeine pretty much 'round the clock though, so I'm sure that's got a lot to do with it.

Thursday was terrible. He was hurting and not at all pleased about it. He didn't want to drink, didn't want to eat, didn't want to take medicine or do anything but whine. Which is totally understandable. But it gets old fast.

I think he has consumed his weight in ice cream over the last three days.

He is such a little trouper, though. He has been sleeping with me since the surgery and, except for the first night, has been very sweet. Tonight it's back to his own bed though. And of course we picked this weekend to move Bug out of the crib. He is NOT pleased! So tonight should be loaded with fun.

Today, my challenge has been to keep my four year old bundle of energy calm and low-key. Easier said than done. He really wants to run around. I bought a bunch of stuff for SD to do with him next week: play-doh, Crayola Color Wonder finger paints and markers, a Lego fire station to put together. And, on the off chance that it warms up some while I am gone, I bought shovels and pails for the boys to use in the sandbox.

As it looks right now, though, it is supposed to snow Tuesday. Yes, that is the first day of Spring. And, coincidentally, the day I am supposed to leave for my trip. Fun.

Guess who is picking me up from the airport. PEACHES! I am so excited. I get to spend the night at her and Tommy's home. (Although, Tommy will conveniently be out of the country. Coincidence? You decide.) And I'll get to meet Scytheboy and see the man room!! Woo Hoo! Then she is taking me the next day to rent a car & I am going house hunting at our next base. Wish me luck!

For now though, I am trying to convince Bear to watch another movie and calm the hell down already. Popsicle, anyone??

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