Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Perfect Post

I have been wanting to award a Perfect Post award for sometime now. Every month, I read a post and think to myself, "When Lindsay sends me that reminder this month, I am going to nominate this post." And then I forget. Can't for the life of me remember what it was I wanted to nominate.

But, last week, I popped over to Small Things to check up on Kristi. Her husband is in the Navy and he is deployed to Iraq right now. I have to say that as awful as it is having SD away for a year, I thank God every day that he is in a place that is relatively safe and not in the line of fire and putting his life at risk every day. Truly.

Over at Small Things I found a post entitled This military wife is getting mad. Kristi found a way to so very eloquenty and vehemently express her opinion on the war, and the news about the war and all of the BS that is surrounding and clouding all of it. And I realized that her words were almost exactly what I would have said, were I as articulate and well spoken as she.

And so I am delighted to award Kristi with the Perfect Post Award for January. You make me proud to be a military wife and proud to call you friend!

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