Monday, February 19, 2007

All alone on my anniversary....

Thirteen Years ago today, I married a wonderful, sweet, young Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. He ripped me away from my family and dragged me to South Carolina, of all places. He has since dragged me all over the world and it has been quite a ride. But I don't regret any of it. Now he is a wonderful sweet, old Lieutenant Colonel (select) in the United States Air Force. And, even though, thirteen years ago today I couldn't have even imagined it, I love him even more. More than I knew it was possible to love someone.

And so now, I present to you:

25 Things About SugarDaddy:

  1. He's hot.
  2. Seriously, you should see him in a flight suit. H.O.T.
  3. He is a wonderful daddy.
  4. He is very romantic.
  5. He is very infuriating (sometimes).
  6. He is so smart it is just scary.
  7. He is very expressive.
  8. Sometimes too expressive.
  9. But it's better than the stone cold silent alternative.
  10. He remembers every little anniversary.
  11. He doesn't mind that I don't remember every little anniversary.
  12. He cooks the most awesome spaghetti sauce.
  13. He still sees me as I looked 15 years (and 35 lbs!) ago.
  14. He's very forgiving of my procrastination and forgetfulness.
  15. I hope.
  16. Since I still haven't gotten his anniversary present (or his Valentines) in the mail yet.
  17. Even though I know that it takes a couple of weeks for mail to reach him.
  18. Because I suck.
  19. But this is supposed to be about him, isn't it?
  20. He is a great kisser.
  21. He has a great butt.
  22. He is an incredibly gifted musician.
  23. He can play just about anything on the piano.
  24. He sings me songs.
  25. He is the love of my life and I don't ever want to try to live it without him.
I love you, my wonderful husband. I can't wait until you get home. I'm just not as good of without you.

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