Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blog Tour!! Mamasource.com

If I have ever, in my whole married life found a website that was made just for me it is this one. I have been an Air Force wife for over 13 years now. I have moved ::counting on both hands:: well, lotso times. And each time, I have felt fortunate to be a part of a squadron and a base full of other Air Force wives who are always happy to recommend various places and services in and around the town and area where we are settling. As much as one can settle in two to four years.

However, as I get more "settled" and get to know my neighbors, fellow church members, etc, I find from are natives the "real" scoop on what there is to know about my town. You know, "Oh! you don't want to go there for your haircut! That woman has had four shops in town and they gave all been shut down by the health department!" OR "You know, instead of getting your cakes at XYZ grocery store, you need to check out this little downtown bakery. The guy there has been the chef for the governor and even does pastries for the President sometimes!"

As I got more internet "savvy" (how dorky does that sound?), I joined message boards and read sites about pregnancy, babies, child rearing, etc. They were all VERY helpful. Really. But at the same time, I found myself thinking, "Well, that is just dandy that there are so many resources available to you moms in Atlanta/Dallas/Chicago/any other urban area." HOWEVER most military towns are not in thriving metropolises (metropoli?). Most of the places I have lived are slightly backwater towns with no children's museums, zoos, amusement parks or even what most would consider a real mall, for heaven sakes (unless you consider JC Penney the place to buy the "fancy clothes"). As such, the lion's share of the advice I saw was, if not useless, fairly impractical.

Then a few weeks ago, I was introduced to Mamasource.com. This, my fellow mommies, is a place where you can post questions and advice that is directed to other moms in your hometown!!!! What a concept! Now when I am wondering what in the heck I am supposed to do with the SugarBabies this summer, I can get suggestions of things to do that we can actually do!! Not "get a membership at the zoo so that you can go as often as you like" since the closest we have to a zoo is the pet store or perhaps the little prairie dog town that has popped up at the local park. NO! I get suggestions like "Hey, did you know that the local theater has a camp for kids every summer?" Or, "If you're planning on sending them to soccer camp, do the one at the University and not the one that the Candyland Soccer Association does. The CSA one is overcrowded and not well supervised." I can also get ratings from real moms like me about plumbers, hairdressers, childcare centers, restaurants...the possibilities are endless!! If I had just had this a few weeks ago, I might have been able to get the scoop on who the best orthopedic surgeon in town happens to be rather than being at the mercy of the Air Force.

To any mom who is feeling isolated, alone, clueless, and frustrated this site is a blessing. But to a military wife who finds herself in a new place before she can ever get acclimated to the old one, this Mamasource is a godsend. I wish that I had had this while I was preparing for each move. I can only imagine how helpful it would have been in finding a realtor, choosing schools, shopping...well, just about everything.

When you register, you enter your zip code and you start getting information and questions from moms who are not just in your flip flops, but who most likely bought them at the exact same Target store that you did! As PCS season gets into full swing for military families I know this will be an invaluable resource to many tired moms!!

From the Mamasource About page:

Mamasource is a safe and easy way to connect with other moms in your
local area. Find the advice, referrals and insight you need, in a supportive
community of moms helping moms. As a Mamasource member, you can:

Ask other local moms any question you need help with.

Read the questions other moms have asked- and see what answers they have received.

Share your own advice and practical referrals with other moms who need your help.

Mamasource is a free service, but to protect our members we are an invitation-only community. We have a strict no-spam policy and your personal information will never be shared with advertisers.

That is so great because I feel like I spend so much of my time online deleting the spam from the weight loss/healthy eating/cook this/buy this people. At least this won't add to it.

Sorry if I have sounded a bit crazy about this. I'm just so excited about Mamasource that I want to share it. I want to thank Miriam and the great moms at MotherTalk.com for sharing this opportunity with me. I think it will make the next few years in TEXAS!! (please, God, let it be years) much easier and more fun. Because, let's not forget...it's ALL about me.

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