Tuesday, May 08, 2007

TA DA!! (alternate title: Thank goodness THAT'S done!)

At last, pictures of the kick-ass coelacanth. And, of course of the lovely and talented SugarPlum - also known as Gimpy, the One-Armed Wonder Girl.

No grade as of yet. She still has to make her presentation. Her report reads as follows (this child is a gifted writer): The Coelacanth By Gimpy, the One-Armed Wonder Girl

The Coelacanth is an AMAZING animal. This fish that scientists thought became extinct with the dinosaurs was found alive off the coasts of Indonesia and Southern Africa in 1932. You won’t find one while swimming though; these cave dwellers live more than 300 feet underwater! To prevent from being crushed at this depth, Coelacanths have armor-like scales that also help protect them from predators. Another interesting feature of this 6-foot long fish is its fins, which look like little legs. In fact, it uses these fins to “walk” along the ocean floor while stalking its prey! The Coelacanth has another thing to help it hunt too…glowing eyes! Because it is a nocturnal hunter, this odd characteristic definitely comes in handy. A last weird thing about this fish is its spine. It isn’t made of bone; it is a liquid filled tube! This probably makes the Coelacanth quicker and more agile. With all these amazing characteristics, it’s no wonder that the Coelacanth has survived for so long!

See, this place can be fun and educational! Who knew.
I asked her how everyone else's projects looked. She told me about how one boy made this really cool sea urchin and that her BFF made a diorama of a coral reef. And that one boy made this "awesome Emperor Penguin!"

My response? "You mean to tell me that we could have made a freaking penguin?! I (okay, WE)We sat up all night pushing in toothpicks and nails and gluing of "scales" and spray painting the entire garage and all of that other crap when we could have decorated a bowling pin and been done with it? LORD HAVE MERCY ON ME." ***

Also? The price I paid to create said coelacanth (subtitled the evolution of Bitchy Smurf). Most of it has finally washed off. Would that the bitchiness was as easily annihilated!
Still. I think we did a great job. Even if my driveway is almost entirely blue.
***honestly? We had the best time doing this project together. I love to watch her mind work and see her problem solve. We giggled and talked and joked together. This is one of the good parts of being a mom. But if you tell anybody I said that, I will totally deny it. I have a reputation to protect, you know!

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