Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A medical quiz. I failed.

So when your six-year-old (who has seasonal allergies and is taking medicine for them) has a cough that sounds kinda gross, but also a little like it's just a post nasal drip cough, but no fever - there was never a fever - how long do you wait before taking him to the doctor?

Three days? A week?

Until he is waking you up at night coughing?

Until he has goop coming out of his eye?

Until he - the child who, most days, won't even accept your offers to stay home from school and snuggle Mommy all day - tells you he doesn't want to go to school because he needs to go to the doctor?


Since he was feeling so poorly that he didn't even want to go to school, I called the base appointment line and am told that they can get him into pediatrics on....Friday. Um, no. Thanks for playing. Try again, please. So they have the nurse call and give permission to take him to the Clinic Care thingy OFF base (and much, much closer to my house).

We get there, check in, and wait.....about two minutes. Seriously. I was STUNNED!!! They weighed Bear and put us in a room and THEN we waited....perhaps sixty seconds. Holy Cow! And who walks in? An actual doctor with an actual MD!! She examined Bear and was very nice. I'm starting to wonder what the down side is to going off base. Oh, wait! There isn't one.

So, what happens when you wait until your child is actually BEGGING you to go to the doctor? He ends up having bronchitis, a sinus infection, AND pink eye. Bless his little Bear heart.

BAAAD Mommy. Bad, bad Mommy.

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