Friday, November 23, 2007

The post where I use the phrase "Pull-Ups" 950 million times***


You know what I will, one day, be truly thankful for? When I don't have to buy pull-ups any more. Those things are expensive and it irks me to no end that I am still buying them. My mind boggles at the Christmas gifts I could purchase with the money I am spending on pull-ups every month.

Both boys must wear pull-ups to bed every night. And, oh, say five nights out of seven, we go through three if not four pull-ups. This is because, in spite of my insistence that they go pee before bed and the trips they make when I haul their poor sleepy selves out of bed to take them to the potty, they STILL pee in their sleep. Many nights, when I take them to the potty before I go to bed, they have already wet their pull-ups. So, I change them. Then? At least three times a week I have to change the sheets on one or both beds because they have leaked in the night IN SPITE OF a)having a pull up on; and b)having been taken to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

I try limiting their fluid intake in he evenings. I make sure that they pee at least once before they go to sleep. Just what in the hell is going on here? Sometimes, their pj's and beds will be soaked, yet the pull-ups are barely damp. What is THAT about? I am certain that they have the proper size pull-ups and that they are on correctly. (This shouldn't be a problem since they are clearly marked, yet many times I have discovered a boy with a backward pull-up.)

But truly, the most disturbing thing is: these boys are FOUR and SIX YEARS OLD!! Shouldn't they have the nighttime incontinence thing conquered by now? SP did by the time she was three. I KNOW. Boys are different and take longer than girls. But COME ON. This is crazy, right?

Bear is dying to have a sleep-over or to go to sleep at a friend's house. But, I can't in good conscience send him to another house just to pee the bed. Not to mention that he really, really wants to go to church camp next summer. That ain't gonna happen if he has to wear pull-ups and be changed in the night. At the very least I'll have to insist that they give him a bottom bunk!

Is this one of those terribly common, yet shameful things that nobody speaks of? Or are my boys freaks? Will they need college roommates who won't mind taking them to potty in the night? WHAT CAN I DO????? Any advice would be welcome. As long as it is constructive. My ego can't handle a beating right now.

***I almost titled this post "Pissed Off" but I decided that I wouldn't be THAT obvious. Though, I am a punny girl!***

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