Monday, May 19, 2008

It's a Party! Wanna Come?

The boys' birthdays are only ten days apart. In the past we have had their birthday parties together and it worked out well. Last year, though we did Bug's party at the Big Rat Pizza place - on a Tuesday morning...the only time I will go there - but it was while the other two were in school. Bear was less than pleased because he ended up having no birthday party, save family. So this year, they wanted to do their party together. at a park. Unfortunately, both of the city parks that THEY wanted were booked already. I got another park, but they don't want that one. SO, we are having the party HERE. at MY HOUSE. A situation I am (as a rule) morally opposed to.

HOWEVER, the deciding factor is that it IS the end of May and usually end of May = ungodly HOT. My house? Has a/c. The park pavilion? Not so much. So, I figure, give 'em all water guns and water balloons and lock them outside. INSIDE, we will have beer and margaritas for the parents. KIDDING. Tequila is expensive - so just beer. (You know I'm joking, right?) (Maybe).

For the past eight months, the boys both wanted a "Space Birthday." Then, last week, they decided that they wanted an "Army Guy" birthday party. Which works out well for me, because this camo paper was on sale at Hobby Lobby. AND I don't have to worry about stupid party favors. I bought 24 water guns and some camo head bands (ala Rambo!) for them to play with at the party. Then take home - because I definitely don't need an overabundance of water guns post-party!
My only concern is my hardwood floors. MUST KEEP CHILDREN OUTSIDE!!! Also must keep grown ups from spilling beer. (I KID!)
All I have left to do is order the cake (if I thought I could do camo icing, I would totally do it myself, but that is just a disaster waiting to happen.) and clean the house. Which I am totally willing to hire out for. Know any cleaning ladies that like getting paid in water-guns?

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