Sunday, June 15, 2008

War is Hell (Fathers Day was pretty awesome, though)

So. Fathers' Day. It kicked ass. The kids actually gave SugarDaddy his gift on Saturday. They gave him....a water gun fight. We gave him a big bag filled with five water guns. Yes, folks FIVE. He got the big gun (insert obvious joke here) and we each got a smaller gun. As you see, he was merciless.

And yet, he got almost as good as he gave.

But it was every man for himself. And Daddy had no mercy for any sweet SugarBaby. Or for Mommy. However, since I a) was the one holding the camera AND b) at this point wearing a white cotton tank top - a WET white cotton tank top - I was not included in the photos. Pity.

However a good time was had by all. Especially SugarDaddy, who declared it the Best Fathers' Day EVER. (Even if it was a day early).

Look at these rouges. It's like Bonnie & Clyde. And Darryl & Darryl.

You know, the last few weeks have been rough. I know I have whined before, but marriage is HARD. And sometimes, it's almost too hard. But somehow, we both decide that it's worth it and we keep on plugging. And it is worth it. Because you can see that he is, quite possibly, the BEST DADDY IN THE WORLD. (and I should know because I grew up with the best Daddy in the world - who set the bar REALLY HIGH.) He really does all he can to show these sweet kiddos that they are loved thoroughly and unconditionally. And I am trying harder every day to show HIM how much I love him and that I am listening and trying to do the things he as expressed as being important to him. And he is doing the same for me.

So, SugarDaddy - Thank you for being the Daddy our children deserve. And thank you for sticking with me through all the hard parts. I am looking forward to celebrating Grandparents Day with you. A LOOOOONG time from now. I love you. More than ever.

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