Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stormy Weather

Thunderstorms tonight. I really thought that once we got away from Texas & tornado alley that we would see fewer of these. Actually, tonight they are mostly the nice, relaxing variety of thunderstorm. Except of course for that one bolt of lightening that had to have struck somewhere in our yard. Scared SugarPlum about to death- she was looking out the window at the time.

Saturday evening, a storm knocked the power out for about three hours. The kids thought it was pretty cool for the most part. While I was lighting candles, SugarBug started singing "Happy Birthday" and continued on and off until bedtime. The funniest/sweetest moment came when SugarBear came running thru the house to go pee. He came out with a distressed look on his face saying, "Oh no! The power is out in the bathroom, too!"

Good thing the other two bathrooms have windows!

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