Sunday, July 03, 2005

Anybody Home??

Evidently, that nice little thunderstorm Thursday night was a more devious than I thought. We awoke Friday morning to no phone line. Not the whole neighborhood, mind you, just our house. SBC says that they should have it fixed by 8:00 Sunday evening. No phone=no DSL=one cranky SugarMommy!!! I have been fussing about this all weekend. SugarDaddy finally sent me to Panera Bread to use their free wi-fi so that I can get my fix in. I have missed you, internet! Let's not go three days without speaking again, okay?!

I only have a few more minutes before the SugarBabies are home from the pool & I'm back on duty. I married a good man, I tell you! Hopefully SBC will be true to their word & I can get back online after everyone is in bed tonight & post again. I have so much to share. Well, off to fix our holiday burgers & such. We have a neighborhood pool celebration tomorrow, so we are doing our own little hoo-hah tonight. Until we blog again!

PS Why doesn't blogger's spell check have the word blog in it? Is that ironic? or just goofy??

***update***WooHoo! SBC did indeed get my DSL up by 8:00. If I wasn't already married, I would kiss Steve, the SBC guy! He actually called to tell me that the phone line was back & then that he DSL was. I even have his phone number, you know, in case there are any problems. *wink, wink* I'm still a little peeved at SBC, I was w/o service for 3 days. Once my elation dies down, my rightoeus indignation will once again take over.

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