Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Double Entendres at Dinnertime

Setting the scene:

SD is cooking beef stir fry for dinner. He has cooked most of the vegetables and about half of the meat. I have served the boys their food and Bug, being a typical two year old, has found fault with his meal and is throwing a huge fit. Bug has gone upstairs to continue his fit and I have just come downstairs after trying to calm him. I am finally preparing my plate now that the food is nice and cold and SD is finishing cooking the last of the beef.

Him: That may all be cooled off by now.

Me: It's okay. The rice is still hot. It'll be fine.

Him: Well, get some of the vegetables and you can have some of this hot meat.

Me: Did I just hear you offer me some of your hot meat??

Him (raising eyebrows and smirking): Why yes, I believe you did.

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