Friday, January 13, 2006

Who let the Dogs Out? redux

My Thursday night? Take my Tuesday night. Add pokies. And that pretty much sums it up.

Yes, another round of Musical Viruses.

It was well over 50 degrees and sunny here yesterday, so I shooed the boys outside to play for a while. Not that it took much effort on my part. There was mud, of course, so a stern"no playing in the mud puddles" followed by the obligatory "yes ma'am"s that were promptly forgotten, had to take place. But the boys were glad to escape from the house for a while. They didn't do much running, more stalking of the dogs and investigating of bugs and rocks and mud and slime.

While they boys were occupied, I seized the opportunity to sort through our wrapping paper fiasco. With SugarPlum's birthday falling so close to Christmas, all of the wrapping paper and bags always seem to get crammed together in one box. Which means that any other time of year when you need to wrap a gift, you must sort through all of the Christmas crap to find a "Happy Birthday" bag. I finally got that disaster under control (almost) and it only required one trip to Meijers and one trip to Target! Amazing. (Also amazing, I made it out of Target at well under $100. Miracles never cease!)

Both of the boys seemed to be doing so much better yesterday. In fact, we had been coaxing Bear into the idea of going back to school today, since he had been home for the past two and seems to be enjoying it a little too much. We got everybody ready for bed and settled Bear in for his breathing treatment before his bedtime story. He was very tired, as he had not had a nap or much of a rest really. His cough had started to pick up some, but I chalked it up to end of the day stuff and gave him some Benedryl. Of course you know the rest of this story. I made my decision to go to the ER a little earlier last night, though.

The doctor last night kept calling Bear "Love Bug." He finally giggled and said "I'm not Bug! I'm Bear!"

She decided to give Bear an injection of decadron rather than give it orally. Bear was not pleased. When the nurse came in with the shot, he asked Bear, " Do you want me to give you this in your bottom or in your leg?"

Bear replied, "No."

Smart answer if you ask me.

In the end (no pun intended), he got the shot in his leg while sitting in my lap. He was very brave and didn't cry much at all. I promised candy afterward. Normally, the deal in our family is that if you get a shot, you get ice cream, but as there are no 24 hour Baskin Robbins in our parts, the gummy candy in my purse had to suffice. (It was a "gummy donut." Have you ever heard of such a thing?!) We also called Gray Gray and Gram for moral support after the pokie. Thank heaven for cell phones.

Bear was happy to get to sleep in Mommy & Daddy's bed last night. I felt it was the least I could do for a little guy who had to get a big old nasty shot in the middle of the night.

So, now I second my request. I'm sipping my PG Tips right now, but a CDL would really hit the spot!

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