Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Watch Your Back

We are a dog family. I have almost always had dogs. We all like cats, we think that cats are nice animals and we enjoy seeing other people's cats. But SD is allergic to cats, so that precludes our owning a cat ourselves. This fact troubled SugarPlum when she was younger because not only did she want to own a cat, she really wanted to be a cat.

Recently, Bear has decided that he would really like it if we could have a cat. He was very disappointed to find out that we couldn't. I tried to give him many reasons why: we have dogs who wouldn't be nice to a cat, the whole litterbox thing (ew!), and, of course, cats make Daddy sick.

So, a few days ago, Bear and I are snuggling on the couch and he asks me, "Mommy, when Daddy is dead, can we get a cat?"


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