Thursday, February 23, 2006

I think Raffi would be proud

The following is Bug's (age 2 1/2 ) rendition of Raffi's Baby Beluga board book. It helps if you know the song, but it's not essential. I thought I'd better get it down before I forget it!

Baby Galuga ina dee blue sea
Smim so why-old
Smim so fee (das da mommy galuga? and das da baby galuga?)

Heaben above ana sea beelow
Ana little white whay-ole ona go (look, Mommy! the lah-tor's squirtin'!)

Baby Galuga, bayyy-bee galuga
Izza lah-tor wahm? Is your mama home
Wif you sooo happeeeeeee? (she's gonna give him sugar, Mommy!)

Way down yondoor where da doffins play
Where you dieeeve and splash all day
Waves roll in and da waves roll out (whas dat, Mommy? seals?)
See da lah-tor squirtin' outa your spout (hahaha! he squirted the walrus, Mommy!)

Bayy-be galuga, OH! bayyyy-be galuga
Sing you little song, sing for all your friends (OH! hims got a boat!)
We liiiike to heooor yoooou! (look! a polar bear! and dassa narwhal!)

When it's dark and you're home and feed (shhhhh! dey sleepin')
Curl up snug in you lahtah-bed (why doesn't that galuga close hims eyes, Mommy?)
Moon is shinin and da stars are out.
Good night liddle whay-ole, good night.(lotsa stars!)

Baay-be galuga, oh baaay-be galuga
With tomowwohs sun, another day's begun
You'll soon be way-king. (ooooh! him's happy!)

Baby galuga inna dee blue sea,
Smim so why-old, smim so fee
Heaben above and da sea beelow
Ana little white whay-ole ona go
You just a little white whay-ole ona go!

Bomp bomp.

(look! dey sayin' "bye bye!" ::closes book:: Dere's Waffi! He gots him's guitar! Waffi can play guitar? I play guitar too! PEEEEEZE???")

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