Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Even more phrases I rarely use in conversation with adults

Oh, yes, it is time for another installment. Previous Phrases here and here.

*Please only pee IN the toilet.

*No, you cannot wear the same clothes to school that you wore to the campout.

*NO, that is dog poop, not a toy. Put it down. Now go wash your hands. With bleach.

*No rolling in the mud.

*Why are you muddy? Which part of "No rolling in the mud" did you not understand?

*No, you can't wear your Elmo sandals to church.

*You can have waffles, cereal, eggs or oatmeal for breakfast. Chips and salsa is not a breakfast option.

*(holding tissue up to child's face) Here, blow your nose. Blow. your. nose.

*Please don't pour sand on your head.

*Or your brother's head.

*Don't draw on your sister's homework.

*You MUST put your homework and colored pencils away if you don't want your brothers to draw on it.

*Spit stays in your mouth.

*There are no winners here. Just buckle your dang seatbelts so we can go.

*I said that "seatbelts" is not a contest. Now zip it or I'll pull over and you can WALK to school.

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