Monday, August 15, 2005

Phrases I almost never use in conversation with adults

  • Feet on the floor.
  • Sand stays in the sandbox.
  • No, it is nearly suppertime.
  • Have you gone potty yet?
  • Sit on your bottom.
  • You better rethink that attitude, missy!
  • Okay, nobody touching anybody else. Is that clear?!
  • No playing in the dogs' water.
  • Who has stinky pants?
  • Don't put rocks in the air conditioner unit.
  • Are you making good choices?
  • No more Mighty Machines until this is picked up.
  • That's for looking at, not touching.
  • Did you wipe your hiney?
  • It's nap nap time.
  • Take your hand out of my shirt. (okay, I will admit that I had to say this a couple of times in college, but in the last 15 years, it has been exclusively used on my children.)
  • I think maybe your underwear is on backwards.(ditto remarks above)
  • Who loves you most in the whole wide world?

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