Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Why I Love Him Wednesday

A while back, Sleeping Mommy started a little thing called Why I Love Him Wednesdays. I thought that it was really sweet since we do spend so much time bitching about our husbands, when in reality we love them more than we can possibly express. I have been meaning to participate, but just keep forgetting. Mommy Alzheimer's or somethings.

Lately, things have been rough in the marriage department. We are coming up on our 14th Weeding Anniversary. And you know what? Marriage is HARD. At least having a happy marriage is hard work. Nobody ever told me this. Or if they did I never listened. Many of you know the stuff we have been through and if you don't, well, too bad. I have decided to (try) to put that behind me and start fresh. I'm not sure how successful this will be, but I have high hopes. Let's pray they don't get smashed to pieces.


So this week, I will focus on one of the HUGE reasons that I love SugarDaddy. Actually there are three. He gave me these three smart, funny, beautiful children. And he is an amazing father to them. He makes a point to spend time with each of them. All three of my children know that their Daddy thinks the world of them. They know that he loves them and that he is proud of them and that he is always there for them. This is SO very important in a child's life. They never have to feel like they are seeking his approval. HE shows it and says it and lets them each hear him brag on them. They have such confidence and self-esteem because of how he interacts with them. What an invaluable gift.

I know that regardless of what is going on in OUR relationship, SD never lets the kids feel responsible. And I love him for that. I'm a lucky mommy to have kids with that blessing.

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