Monday, April 17, 2006

HAPPY TAX DAY! (and other stuff)

We made it home safely. And without the need for airsick bags (or Burger King cups). I give most of the credit for this fact to SD's amazing flying skills, but I'm sure a great deal of the credit also goes to the weather and of course my new best friend, Dramamine.

The wedding was beautiful and absolutely perfect. A little windy, but that fact kept it from being ungodly hot, so I won't quibble. B2B (now known as Mrs. Jackalord) was radiant and the most relaxed bride I have ever known. She never really fweaked out, although when the rings weren't ready on Friday and it put us a good half hour behind schedule, I thought she might take someone's head off. (note to self: never tide in the car with a pissed off bride) She was stressed because she was going to be late to the rehearsal. Then I (the defender of bridal sanity) reminded her that nothing goes on without her and she could relax. So she did.

The rehearsal was great. The bride cried some when it came time to practice her Daddy giving her away, she started crying. So did her Daddy (we Texas girls love our daddies). SugarPlum was the flower girl and Bear was the ring bearer, although if you ask him, he was the "Ring Man." Never have there been two sweeter wedding attendants.

As an aside, if you told Bug that "Bear is the ring man," he would reply, "And my da pilot!" So during the rehearsal, when SugarPlum and Bear walked down the aisle, Bug noticed from across the golf course and started stomping and screaming "BUT MY DA PILOT!! MY DA PILOT!!" It was hilarious!

At the rehearsal dinner (held at Salt Grass Steakhouse, yum!) the bride's stress level was apparent when she drank not one, but TWO margaritas right there in front of her parents. This was a monumental occurrence, because when we took her out Thursday night, her mother asked if she had ever been "inebriated." T0 which she replied, "Of course not!"

The wedding day dawned bright and beautiful (I assume, I was in bed at dawn - only because SD got up with the boys). The bridesmaids were expected at the golf club at 1:00 to get our hair done and help the bride get ready. And, honestly, she was the picture of tranquility. We all got ready, got her into her gown and went down to take pictures. We came back up, our hair sporting the "wind-blown look."

The wedding was, as I said perfect. The groom (now Mr. Jackalord) looked in awe at his bride as she started down the aisle. And then his chin began to quiver as she approached. And that set me off of my first weepy moment of the day (but not my last, I assure you). They made it through the "giving away of the bride" but once she began her vows (and got choked up), I started to tear up again.

The reception was wonderful. Mrs. Jackalord even had the presence of mind to make me the go-to person for any questions form the DJ or anyone else so that she could enjoy herself. There were a few minor glitches, but nothing that effected the outcome. And, as they say, a good time was had by all.

We woke up bright and early Sunday morning, ate breakfast, packed up, had another gut-wrenching goodbye with Gray Gray and Gram and we were off. We made it home at about 5:00 and we were SO happy to be here!

I'll post a few pictures of the house and from the wedding later. Now, I MUST go to the grocery store if we have any hope of having supper tonight. Of course, since we bought the big house, it looks like beans and rice for the foreseeable future!

for those who know what I'm talking about, I hear that Picking up the Pieces will have a new post up soon.....

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