Wednesday, April 26, 2006

What's up???

Happy Wednesday!

So, how is everyone today?? Do you realize that next week is May? Holy crap, how did that happen? I've been tooling along, minding my own business (shut up) and all of the sudden my twelve months in Ohio is nearly over. Unreal. It's always amazing to me how the days seem to creep by, never seeming to end, but the months fly past so quickly that I don't even get used to being in one month before we are already into the next one. I almost wrote "March" on my offering check at church Sunday and here we are, it's the end of April.

One good thing about all of this is that it is just two more weeks until I can start taking my thyroid medicine again. At least I assume I can, I suppose I ought to call my doctor nurse practitioner Primary Care Provider (whatever the hell she is) and find out if I am supposed to start taking it again. Heaven help her if she says that I'm not.

The passing of these weeks and months means that I have already gotten one best friend married off and next month, I will be there to see my oldest friend (meaning I have known her since Jr High...I don't ant to try to do that math, too depressing) married to the man of her dreams. Chaquita Rosita Banana (hereafter known as CRB...the long version is a nickname from our college days) has had a rough decade or so. She has finally found a man who will adore her and treat her like she deserves to be treated. It is such a blessing to see the two women I love and admire most finally settled and happily married.

Back on the homefront, I still haven't gone through much stuff yet. I pulled a bunch of clothes out of SugarPlum's closet and drawers and need to sort through what I am going to take to Once Upon a Child and what I am just going to give to Goodwill. SP doesn't handle this well. Even though they are clothes that either don't fit or she won't wear (too hot, too scratchy, too loose, too wonky, you never know...) she doesn't want me to take them away. If she had her way, I think that her closet and drawers would be filled with everything she has ever worn since birth. I also found out that the kids' school in TEXAS! has a uniform policy. I used to be a huge advocate of uniforms, but now that SugarPlum has finally started to develop her own "style," I'm a little sad that she won't get to hone it for the next few years at school. I know that ultimately, I will appreciate it, because it will make getting dressed so much easier. Bear shouldn't be bothered since he wears polos most of the time anyway.

Bug will be going to our church's preschool, no uniform issues there. I say he will be going there, but if her won't finally decide to use the potty, I'm not so sure. I have a feeling that I know what a big part of my summer will be spent trying to achieve. My boys are just so hard headed.

Today, I get to go have lunch with my friend Suzy (hi Sooz!). At California Pizza Kitchen, YUM! Then we will go look at new glasses for her. Wheeeee!

OH! ohoh!! I forgot to tell you THIS....I just found out this weekend that one of my favorite, favorite bloggers, Sheryl of Paper Napkin fame, lives just down the road from me!!! (I know you're jealous) And our kids go to the same school! And now I can't wait to meet her. I just wish we had figured it out in June since I am moving to TEXAS! in six weeks (had I mentioned that? About moving?? I'm not sure if you were aware of the big move back to TEXAS!). Oh, well. Sheryl, you can come down and visit when the weather craps out up here about November or so.

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