Thursday, November 10, 2005

Buffi's Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Buffi

1. I am feeling much better, thanks all of you who have been checking on me. The fever was random & unexplained. Just enough to make me achy and whiny.

2. The pizza clean-up wasn't nearly as bad as I was afraid. Mostly just that cookie sheet.

3. I'm sick of pizza.

4. SugarPlum's school had the Third grade Veteran's Day program this morning. Lots of patriotic/Americana songs. She had a speaking part. She did great.

5. Yesterday, it went from 71 degrees to 59 degrees in an hour and a half. There aren't many leaves left on our trees.

6. We put the flannel sheets on our bed last night. Mmmmmmm! I love that. So warm & cozy & flannelly (it is a word now). SD said he was hot. Whiner.

7. I got the boys pictures back yesterday. Bear's is soooo good. And the one of them together was very good as well. Bug by himself? Not so good. Sort of a forced smile. I didn't buy it. BUT they did get canvas tote bags with their picture on it. Bear is very proud of his!

8. That "Family Night" at SugarPlum's school last week? Was just the Book Fair family night. My boys at a book fair. Not a good idea. They love books, but since they couldn't dump them all in the floor, it was no fun. The were b-o-r-e-d after about 18 seconds. SD took them home. So, SugarPlum and I walked home. In the dark. I never realized how dark it is on this side of the school. I won't make that mistake again!

9. This afternoon is our parent/teacher conference. I enjoy those. She's a great kid.

10. Since tomorrow is Veterans Day, SD is off and SugarPlum has no school. I've decided to keep Bear home to have some time with his daddy. He is happy about that. He LOVES being with his daddy!

11. I'm excited about Theresa's new site. The piggies have flown away and now she has this sassy new place called This Mom Blogs. Go check it out!

12. I have been really bad about the gym this week. I went on Monday and rode the bike for about ten minutes before I gave out. That's it. I haven't been back this week. I've felt so crappy, physically and mentally, that I couldn't muster up the energy. Maybe tomorrow. (Yeah, right, Scarlet!)

13. Finally, for those of you wanting an update on Dailee...she went home yesterday after her second round of chemo. It has been rough. She went week before last for the one day chemo and ended up staying several days due to an infection. A round of antibiotics and a blood transfusion got her home finally. Her hair started falling out & she decided to let Scott shave it. He has shaved his head also. Several of the guys on the HS football team he coaches shaved their heads as well. How cool is that?!

She had a hard week this week on chemo. She was really sick at her stomach. She hasn't really eaten anything in nearly a week because she says it all tastes "like a sewer." She is so tiny anyway, she can't afford to lose much weight. She is drinking though. She also gets nasty headaches, but won't take Tylenol because she hates the taste. Her blood counts are pretty low right now and she is scheduled for another transfusion tomorrow. Bless her little heart. It is so difficult to imagine having to watch your child go through this. Please continue to keep them all in your prayers.

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