Tuesday, November 22, 2005

How can you argue with this logic??

My boys have enjoyed playing "firefighters" as of late. They put on their rain boots (Bug's are red and Bear's are yellow), their jackets, and their "helmets" and they play up in their room, putting out fires, rescuing cats from trees, etc. They stay entertained for hours! It's great!

Bug likes to take his boots off and toss them down the stairs. I've asked him not to do it. Why? I'm not sure. Is it going to break the stairs? The boots? Probably just because it sets a bad precedent. I don't like imagining the other things that might get tossed down the stairs next.

However...(and you knew that there was a however right?)

Bug tells me last night, grinning as his boots bounce down the stairs, "But, Mommy! Dey go 'bom-pity bom-pity!!'"

So you see my dilemma, right?

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