Monday, November 21, 2005

Geez! The whining! It never ends! (and I'm not talking the kids here!)

I spent the weekend feeling miserable. Evidently, I get ill in installments. Fever a couple of weeks ago. Then this weekend, I had the sore throat and fatigue. MAN was I tired. Friday night I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Achy joints, headache, stuffy nose, scratchy fever. I woke up Saturday morning feeling even worse. So SD let me go back to sleep. I finally got up around 11:30. I had to run a few errands which were so NOT FUN.

I needed to try on that bridesmaid's dress but felt sooo crappy. But I love my friend, so I drove over to a different bridal shop. This white-trashy woman tells me that their (skanky) dressing rooms were "by appointment only" and that if I wasn't going to buy the dress from them, I couldn't try one on. I tried explaining that the bride & the wedding are in Dallas, but she really didn't care. I also tried reassuring her that I would purchase shoes and my daughter's flower girl dress from her but she was just a bitch-on-wheels and wasn't going for it. I was about to cry.

I got in the car & pulled out the phone book and called another bridal shop to see if they carried this brand of dresses AND could I please, pretty-please-with-sugar-and-a-cherry-on-top try them on there???? This girl was all "Well, of course darlin! That's tha SharLee's difference!" I love her.

Only this place is waaaaaaaaaaay over about two towns away. I thought I knew just the way to get there. Only I was wrong and I went through some scary parts of town to get there. But get there I did. (With the help of SD and Mapquest - that was fun). So, tried on dress, only really it's separates and I get to pick my top. So I've narrowed it down to three tops. Heh.

Get home. WRUNG OUT. SD has to go to mass. I suggest pizza for supper and my suggestion is met with enthusiasm by all. After supper, I have everyone in bed by 8:15. I feel so good (not) that I crawl into bed with a book (YaYas in Bloom by Rebecca Wells) at 8:30. By 9:30, the light is out and so am I. SD is stunned.

I slept like a rock but had really weird dreams, so I didn't feel all that rested. SD got up with Bug and Bear for me again. SugarPlum woke up and wanted to go to Sunday School. So, I got dressed and drove her there so that SD could study a little. Came home....hung out with the them down for naps....laid back down and restedread my book some more. Until...

My friend, G, called and went with me to decide which top I wanted for the wedding. She is the good kind of friend who will tell me, "Um, no, that on is not flattering," or "This one really accentuates your 'positives.'" Definitely someone you want to go clothes shopping with. Next, I had to get the girl at the shop to take my measurements. LOVE that. I'm telling her how I'm going to the gym now and won't be nearly this humongous by April, blah, blah, blah. She gives me that pity smile that says, "Yeah, I hear that a hundred times a day. Now let me go get the extra large tape measure..."

After that fun, G & I go get a quick coffee at Panera and I get home with seconds to spare before SugarPlum needs to leave for choir. I say needs to leave. Because she doesn't actually leave until ten minutes later because she "got distracted" upstairs by a book. (What parent complains about her kid reading? This one. The one whose kid is always ten minutes behind due to Harry Potter or some other literary phenomenon.) I blog a little. I whip up a yummy chicken pot pie for supper. I blog a little more. I stay up way too late for a sick person. And then, dammit! It's Monday morning. How did THAT happen??

Now....because it has taken me almost as long to type this as it has for you to read this(Yes, I mean you, because I cannot imagine more than one person making it this far) is Monday evening. And I still feel crappy. In fact I feel feverish. And my throat hurts. And my ear hurts. And frankly, I can't stand to listen to myself whine any longer. I'm putting you out of my misery now. Nighty night.

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