Thursday, February 09, 2006

Great, another game I can't win

You know, there are the nights that all three of my kids sleep peacefully, all through the night. Those are few, but they do occur and as the kids get older, they occur more frequently, thank goodness. Then lately, I will have a night where one of the kids (usually one of the boys) is sick and needs me several times in the night, either for comfort - medicine, rocking, etc,- or simply for reassurance when he is feeling bad. I don't resent that so much. It's part of being a mommy and I like that I can help them feel better.

Other nights however, the kids are just restless for whatever reason. Maybe it's the moon, I don't know. Those nights, I seem to be in and out of their rooms all night and sometimes I don't even leave the boys' room. Bear will have a bad dream and need some snuggles and once I finally get him calmed down and back to sleep, I start to tiptoe out of the room. Just as I reach for the doorknob, I hear, "Mooooommmmy!" coming from Bug's crib. So I try just hugging him and getting him to lay back down, but of course that never works. So I start the lullabye CD over again and rock him for a couple of songs.

And just about the time I lay him back in the crib, I hear Bear, "Mommy?"


And so it goes all. night. long. I get one kid down, another one pops up.

It's not really sleep so much as a nighttime game of Whack-a-Mole.

That mallet sure would come in handy, though.

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