Saturday, February 18, 2006

Your advice requested

I need a new laptop. Mine isn't that old. I got it in May. However, in its short life it has suffered many indignities, the last of which was me falling down the stairs whilst carrying it. I shielded it as if it were my baby *ahem* and yet...

So now, it has a huge crack in the screen, the touch pad doesn't work (which isn't that big of a deal, because I like using my wireless mouse better anyway), and the "t" and "w" keys are missing (as Bug likes to point out to me every. single. day.).

The good news is that our insurance will cover the cost to repair or replace the laptop. Of course, to repair anything on a laptop is pretty much as expensive as it is to replace the whole damn thing. I mean, you can't just get a new "W" key. They must replace the entire keyboard. Crazy, that.

The bad news is that they need an estimate and I may have to ship the thing off to Toshiba for a month ::hyperventilates again:: in order to get that estimate. SD took it to a place in town and got one from them. We are hoping that will do.

In the meantime, we are looking at new laptops. I have been happy with my little Toshiba M45. I know where all the buttons are. It does everything I need for it to do. But I could also be persuaded to move on to a different machine.

Do you have any recommendations? I'm looking for a decent machine, less than $1500, that I can blog on. That's probably the most complicated thing I do. Oh, and we'll probably attach the webcam to it so that we can talk to SD while he is gone for a year. SugarBabies got to see their daddy somehow!!

Thanks for your help!!

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