Saturday, February 04, 2006

The post you thought would never come and might possibly never end *DO-OVER*

subtitle: What I did this week, by Buffi

Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming. Bug started running a fever Friday night. Yes, of course he did. It was date night. Did we still have our date?? Why, yes, we did, thankyouverymuch. We had a sitter, we had motrin, so we had our date, by golly. We went to the mall (one of the department stores had 550 thread-count sheets on sale for $59.95!!) and then to eat Italian. Chianti on a sore throat – not a great plan. Ouch.

Saturday dawned to more of the same. Bug had been up at about 2:00 and I gave him more motrin and some benedryl and he went back to sleep. SD got up with the kids. Then he woke me up to take SugarPlum to her basketball game. I felt like crap, but I missed the first game, so I wasn’t about to miss this one. Turns out there wasn’t much to miss, they lost 28-8. At least my girl scored two of those eight points. She might have scored more, but we had an “incident” just before the game that I’m certain distracted her. That’s for another post, however.

Bug & I were pretty miserable the rest of the day. I still wasn’t feeling too strep-y though. I had been chalking this illness up to a virus more than strep. I hadn't had any fever or any other symptoms other than the sore throat…which is a huge symptom, I realize, but I’ve had it often enough to know the difference. I kept an eye on him all day. We napped while SD took Bear and SugarPlum to fly kites over at the park.

That night we had our weekly pizza and movie night and watched Jungle Book. The boys loved that. They danced all around to I Wanna Be Like You. It was a welcome change from Move it Move it. (Although I love watching them go crazy to that song, it’s starting to get old.)

When I walked upstairs I smelled a not-too-pleasant odor. Ugh. Dog poop. Dang it. Where was it? I looked in SugarPlum’s room, where the Snazzy was sleeping, but didn’t see anything. I looked all over the upstairs, but couldn’t find anything, but Boy was that smell strong! I got the dogs to go out to do their business and went back upstairs to search again. I looked back into SugarPlum’s room. What was that smudge on the carpet? Oh, no. Snazzy had pooped right in front of the door, so when I opened it (it opens to the inside) it just smeared in an arc and ground it into the carpet. I ran downstairs to get cleaning stuff and a bag. I spent the next half hour cleaning up that mess.

Finally, I got to bed at 12:30. As I lay there, all I could smell was dog crap. I had sprayed Lysol, but there was no avoiding that smell. Then I remembered. I nudged SD, “Hey! What did we do with that Febreeze Notice!ables thing we got in the mail today?” I had been smelling it all day long. It was a little sweet for my taste under normal circumstances, but this was not a normal circumstance!

“It’s on top of the fridge,” he mumbled in his sleep (honestly, the man puts up with so much from me sometimes!). So I ran downstairs and grabbed it. I plugged it in the outlet in the kids’ bathroom which is across the hall from (the very offensive smelling) SugarPlum’s room and immediately noticed (thus the name, I suppose) the difference! Ahhhhhh! I think I may keep it in there, because Bear isn’t so great at *ahem* aiming sometimes and none of them are great at flushing. So, for now our little Notice!able has a new home!

Sunday morning, I was a disaster. SD took Bear and SugarPlum to church so that I could stay home with Bug and rest. Bug was okay if he had motrin in him, but as soon as it wore off, look out. He started to melt. Melt=whiiiiiiiiine. Of course, my throat was hurting badly enough that I was pretty whiny my own self. I’m sure that I could have kept the country of India employed for a year with the amount of tea I was drinking. And yet, I was so ready to nap.

I was determined not to drag Bug to the pediatrician for this. I knew that all they would tell me was that it was viral and to give him motrin for discomfort and make sure he got plenty of fluids. I was doing all of that. I was so smug.

Monday night I had Bunco. Woo hoo!! I made supper for SD and the kids (meatloaf…it was terrible!) and I was off. Sore throat or not, I was escaping the House of Germs. Bunco was awesome, just the break I needed. Monday night however, was long. When I finally got Bug back in bed for the last time at 2:30, he said, “My earw hort.” Great. So, I asked SD to make Bug an appointment.

The next morning, SD asks me if I think Bug has an ear infection. As I lean down to kiss Bug, I say to SD, “Well, judging from the pus dripping from his ear I’d say yes.” (Sorry to spring that on you. Should have warned you first.) So, it was off to the pediatrician. And I have to say that it was the strangest appointment I've ever had.

We got there on time (a miracle in itself!) and get checked in. The tech took Bug's temperature, etc and asked why we were there. I pointed out the dripping pus and *oh! gee golly! that would be a good reason, huh!* So, the girl walks us to the exam room where...the doctor is sitting there waiting for us. Okaaaay. I can honestly say that has never happened to me. The doctor (or whatever she was, I think maybe she was a nurse practitioner) seemed very tentative about the treatment options. Should she treat the ear of dripping pus simply with oral antibiotics or with antibiotics AND antibiotic ear drops?? She had to consult another doctor. For the record we went with both.

And then the pharmacist. Hahahahaha!! What a comedian! He said the funniest thing! He handed me the little bottle of ear drops and (hee hee!) said, "Five drops in the affected ear twice a day. (get this) Don't let the tip of the bottle touch the ear!" Isn't that one of the funniest things EVER?! Surely the man has tried putting drops into the ear of a two year old before. You know how two-year-olds are all about lying still while you drip liquid into their ears. Best laugh I've had all week.

So now? Well, everyone seems to be feeling a little better. For. now. No need to tempt fate. (Hear that Fate?? We don't think we are in any way immune! No way. Nuh-uh. No need to bring your germy-germs around here to prove your point. We totally respect your bad ass!)

Today we sat around and watched the snow and hoped that enough will fall that the kids will be able to use the sleds and skis that Gray Gray and Gram got them for Christmas. Especially since they probably won't be able to use them at our next assignment. Hmmm? Oh, I haven't yet mentioned that we got our assignment? Well, golly, this post is awfully long. It'll have to wait till later.

::evil grin::

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