Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Need to be sure and lock that cabinet up....

I am in a mad dash, cleaning before I have to go pick up my mom form the airport. I've unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher. Wiped off the cabinets and cleaned the kitchen floor. Okay, I Swiffered it. And the boys were begging me to let them Swiffer. However, it has been established that swiffering is a privilege earned after the toys are all picked up. Which they aren't.

I also have been checking my mom's fight status every few minutes on the computer. They are taking in a few minutes and I want to time my airport trip right so that I am there when she gets to the baggage claim but not there so long as to have to PAY for the parking. It's a delicate balance. As a result, I have been leaving the laptop open in the kitchen so that I can refresh the page every few minutes and see when she should be landing.

SOOOO, I was upstairs just now and was dismayed to hear this from Bug:

"Mommy! I swiffoh and now your 'puter is aaaaalllllll clean!"

AAAAAAAHHHHHH! So far, it looks okay. No harm done. And? It now has a citrus-y fresh scent!

Whew! Back to the trenches....

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