Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Today's post brought to you by the letter A

Today, boys and girls, we are playing the Alphabet Game. I am supposed to pick ten things of importance to me that start with the letter 'A.' Holli assigned me the letter A after I told her not to give me a crappy letter like X or Q. She got V and that seemed pretty challenging to me. Well, folks, A ain't so easy, either. (if you want to play, let me know & I will give you a letter.)

Here we go, this is sure to get lame fast.

1. Air Force - the main controlling factor in my life. It dictates where I live, how much (or how little!) I see my husband, what kind of health care I get and when and if I get a vacation. Of course, it is also the reason that I MET SugarDaddy and the reason that I have gotten to go to some amazing places, so I suppose I won't complain too much.

2. Alphabet- the song that is sung approximately thirty times a day (at a minimum) for the past, ooooh, eight years or since SugarPlum started talking. I have enjoyed the many permutations over the years, including: H I J K Elmo P (Bear), HI (Mommy did you know that the word 'hi' is right there IN the alphabet?) J K L M NO (cool the word 'no' is too!)[SugarPlum], and compliments of a girlfriend's daughter H I J K Emma Emma P (Mommy! My name is in the Alphabet Song!)...just to name a few.

3. Aspartame- the sweetener in my beloved Diet Coke. No, I don't care that it turns to formaldehyde above 80 degrees, the stuff with Splenda is just nasty. (See, I told you that they would quickly become lame)

4. Advertisements- after the comics, my favorite part of the Sunday paper. In fact, many Sundays, I look for the Target ad first. Lately, I have been scanning the furniture ads for couches as well as Home Depot and Lowes ads for good deals on refrigerators. I know you wish you had my exciting life.

5. Anxiety- a constant in my life for the last few years. Mostly it is a result of the depression and questioning whether I am doing a good enough job as a Mommy. Lately though, my anxiety has been over buying this house and the prospect of being a single parent for twelve months. I was not designed to do this parenting gig alone.

6. Alcohol - See above

7. Airplanes- On Saturday I will be making my third airplane trip to TEXAS! in three months. This time to go to CRB's long awaited wedding to the Man of her Dreams. Incidentally, fifteen days after I return from this latest trip, we will leave Ohio for good, bound for TEXAS! and our new home.

8. Amitriptyline- an integral part of my crazy pill cocktail. It keeps my mind from spinning all night as a result of number 5.

9. Ass- mine just keeps getting bigger and bigger. Luckily all of the Girl Scout cookies are now gone from my house (thus, the ginormous butt). Hopefully, it will begin to shrink when I actually get off of it and, oh, I don't know, move around???

10. Additional Income- What SD says I will need to provide once we have purchased the house. Still looking for someone to pay me for blogging. Hint. Hint.

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