Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Playing Catch-up...

I have been a lousy blogger lately. I have had quite a bit going on, just not the energy to actually blog about any of it. So, here is a bullet list of what has been going on. It seems to be all I can muster.

*I finally had my thyroid scan last Tuesday and Wednesday. The node on my thyroid was a "cold node" (that makes me sound like I have a stuffy nose...that is chilly) which means that the doc could, in good conscience, tell me that it was not malignant.

*That whole process was pretty interesting and really deserves a blog post unto itself, but, for now, I'm still all "meh."

*The end result of all of the tests for ME means that I am now able to take my thyroid medicine again. I just wish it would start working immediately rather than taking weeks to really take effect.

*This weekend, I went with a group of AF wives to the Longaberger homestead and to some villages around there. I got to make a basket.

*By the time I made it home, I had quadrupled my Longaberger basket collection, as I only owned one before Saturday. I think that the baskets are lovely, don't get me wrong, but I cannot pay that much for a basket.

*That said, I did pay to make a basket which was cool. I also WON a basket for singing "Swingin' on a Star," plus we got a really nice bread basket that was included in the cost of the trip.

*I am sick, sick, sick of all of this rain. My boys need to play outside. But when they finally get to, I know that they will be covered in mud. Somehow, I don't think I will care.

*Heh, the irony of me bitching about the rain is that I am moving back to the land of the drought. In a few months, you will read here about how badly we need rain. The grass is always greener...well, except where there is a drought.

*My mom flies in tomorrow. She will be staying with us until we leave (in 29 days!) for TEXAS! She is driving back with me.

*Because she loves her grandkids and wants them to make it back to TEXAS! alive.

*Pray for us all, because our last week in dreary old Ohio, we will be staying in a hotel. All of us. In one suite.

*My mom and SD need at least 2500 sq feet to keep the fireworks at bay. This should be fun.

*Bug's birthday is Sunday. He will be three.

*We aren't having his party until later in the week, because SugarPlum and Bear both have at least two parties apiece that they are invited to.

*Bug won't know the difference, right?

*I have been having terrible insomnia lately, staying up until 2:30 several nights. Then I am sooooo exhausted during the day.

*I have been needing a nap every day, which just exacerbates this vicious cycle.

*I'm hoping the thyroid medicine will help this.

*I'm toying with changing my template. Zoot has a really neat one that I like, but I can't decide if I really want to change it. I think I'm just bored and restless. And fiddling with the template keeps me from folding laundry and cleaning toilets.

*Don't be surprised if there is a new template here later this week.

*Also, look for me on the news. I will be the lady whose family was killed my the mildew monster that grew out of the family's upstairs toilet.

*Someone be sure to tell the news crews to get a shot of my pretty new template in the story.

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