Friday, May 12, 2006

Seriously, I would have won

This afternoon, the kids and I went over to the home of the lovely and oh, so talented Sheryl, of Paper Napkin fame. Our kids got along like they have known each other all their lives. Her little guy, Will, kept asking SugarPlum to tie his shoes. He is such a cutie. My boys walked in and saw Will's Home Depot "tools" and immediately felt right at home. So much so that Bear took off is jacket and promptly left it on the floor.

Yes, Sheryl is just as cool and funny as you thought she would be. And she has the cutest, sweetest cocker spaniel EVER. What a lovable dog! Oh, and her kids are nice too. HA! Seriously, her kids are the best. And Emily sent SugarPlum the sweetest email this evening. My kids asked if we could go back sometime. I, of course, said NO! Because I like messing with them like that. Hopefully, we will have the chance to get together with Sheryl and her kiddos a few more times before we leave. (BTW, only 33 days until we leave for TEXAS!!) And hopefully the weather will improve. It was rainy and gross today. I think that the high was about 50.

Tonight, SD and I joined some friends for dinner. Several of us from his "class" have gotten together once a month or so for dinner at local restaurants. When you are only someplace for one year, you want to try to experience as much of it as you can. We always have a wonderful time and have had the opportunity to try some really wonderful places that we might have otherwise missed out on.

So...tonight we ate at a restaurant called El Meson, an "authentic" Mexican restaurant. It was really quite good. I had a kick-ass mojito and some really good flan (mmmmmm, flan!). My entree was nice, a grilled salmon fillet in a stack with a potato salad, fried plantains, black beans, and tomatoes. There might have been some other stuff, I'm not sure. It seemed sort of like an entree from Top Chef (Do you watch Top Chef?? It is fantastic!).

After supper we stopped at Marshalls so that I could look for a dress to wear to CRB's wedding in a couple of weeks. I love Marshalls and I can't believe I got to go after dinner. What a fantastic ending to a dinner out! (Incidentally, last Friday on our date night, SD & I went shopping as well. We went to a sporting goods place, to Sears looking at appliances AND to a furniture place to look at couches. We're crazy like that.) I actually did find a dress (yellow with have to see it to understand, because that sounds horrible typed out like that) and we found birthday presents for the boys (Battat trucks - a garbage truck and a crane - less than $20 for the two of them!). Then the babysitter called and said that Bug was running a fever, so we skedaddled home.

So, you would think that that would be the end of the festivities. That's where you would be wrong.

After the babysitter left, we decided to play a round of everyone's favorite game: What Stinks? (No, not THAT version of the game. I assure you that I would have totally won that version. Two words: black beans.) Every time we have opened the refrigerator the past few days, one of us has asked the infamous question, "Damn! What stinks in there?" Earlier this week, I cleaned out all of the leftovers that were more than a couple of days old and SD cleaned out the vegetable crisper of all old veggies. And let me tell you there were some science experiments in that drawer. BLECH. But it still smelled nasty. NAS. TEE.

By tonight, the olfactory experience was more than either of us could put up with any longer. So, we systematically cleaned out the meat/cheese drawer and then cleaned each shelf in the refrigerator and door. When we put it all back, it smelled better. But we have no idea why. The phantom stink. On the plus side, now my fridge is sparkling clean! Or as close to sparkling clean as it's gonna get. Let's be honest about who we are talking about here.

Don't you wish you were me?

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