Wednesday, July 05, 2006

No, the boxes haven't eaten me. Yet.

I know. I KNOW. I suck. I haven't posted in nearly a week. I had fully intended to do a 4th of July post, but never even turned the computer on Monday or Tuesday (actually, now that I think about it, I don't think that I turned it on on Sunday, either). If you want, you can read my post from last year here. I have been online so little and when I am it is mostly to check email. Then I sometimes sneak in a few blog reads and then get back to this settling in business.

Which is much easier said than done.

You would think that with as much as I have neglected you, my dear blog friends, that the boxes would be unpacked and we would be able to see all of the carpet in the bedrooms and perhaps even have a vague notion as to where to place the living room furniture. Ah, but see, there you would be mistaken. Because with all of the tidying up after the children, going to Lowes and Home Depot no less than 17 times a day and, of course, napping, very little actual unpacking has taken place in the past several days.

The children's clothes and various other "necessities" have been unpacked and distributed accordingly.

The kitchen is a sight to behold. It is unpacked and some might even dare to mention the words "tidy" or "organized." (those people would not include my mother who seems intent on sending me right over the edge with her attempts at reorganization and "suggestions" on where things "might go better.") Nonetheless, there is still one counter top that is loaded down with all of the miscellaneous crap that has yet to find a resting place. It will look even better next week when the new oven and cooktop are in there. That is my birthday present. And I am thrilled with that!

SD has spent the past two days (with the help of the Jackalords yesterday) building the coolest swingset/treehouse that the kids have ever seen. It was all I asked that he do before he leaves for his remote. Because I need for those children to have something to occupy their time once I am a single parent! But seriously it is so cool. Even the teenage boy from next door had to come over yesterday and take a look and tell us how great it was.

Now, I must find it in me to open up those boxes and place the knick-knacks, hang the pictures and put away th rest of the clothes. (And you will be proud to hear that in almost two weeks, I have yet to fall behind on the laundry. That is a record!) One day, I will return to the blogosphere and read all of you and, yes, even leave comments! But for now...back to work. Where is that box cutter??

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