Monday, February 13, 2006

I kept pinching myself but it was all for real!!

So, Bear tells me that for his birthday this year (which is at the end of May) that he wants "a real bacuum cleaner, Mommy. So I can bacuum up all the stuff in mine and Bug's room and in SugarPlum's room and even down here in the living room."

Then SugarPlum says, "Oh! Can I have a good mop? I like mopping!"

And Bug is shouting, "I sweep! I sweeeeeep!"

Now, this is the kind of plan I can get behind. I guess that all of those "make-your-wish-now-and-pass-this-on-to-eleventeen-friends-right-this-second-so-it-will-come-true" emails are finally working!

:::Hello, Dyson factory?.....::

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