Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Meme meme meme..ME!

Any teenager can write a survey about their favorite class or their secret crush or how nice their car is that their parents paid for. This is the survey for the older crowd. (This has been in drafts forever, aren't you excited that I'm sharing?)

1. Do you have a college degree?
Yep. Bachelors in Human Development & Family Studies/Early Childhood - also got my teaching credentials. Yeah, that's right, I've got cred.(My inner teenager just sighed and said "Please don't.") AAANND...in May, I will have my Master's in Counseling (lord willing).

2. What was the amount of your last electric bill?
$73.89...not bad! Don't ask me what it was in August.

3. Do you have life insurance?
Yes, I do. I have no idea how much. Bought it before SugarPlum was born.

4. How many hours per week do you work?
Are we talking about getting PAID to work? Because that would be a big, fat NONE - I'm an intern. I'm getting experience. Now, as for the unpaid labor, I'm a mom & a graduate student. So, I'd say...about 300 hours a week, give or take.

5. Have you ever attended a Toastmasters event?
No. I respect those who do, just not my cuppa.

6. Favorite place to attend Happy Hour?
Oh, please. Did you see the answer to #4? When would I go to Happy Hour? (Okay, occasionally after class, a few of us would go to an Italian restaurant here & get a beer. But that's about as exciting as my life gets.)

7. How many miles is your commute to work each day (one way)?
Haha. Candyland isn't that big a place. It's about 4 miles from my house to the office. And then I drive to various clients homes, schools, daycares, CPS. Good times, my friend.

8. What time do you get up every morning for work?
I get the kids up at about 6:30. If there's no school and I don't have any clients, I drag myself out of bed around noonish.

9. What is your definition of sleeping in late?
When the kids start asking for supper.

10. Do you check your cholesterol on a yearly basis?
Yes, and given the amount of cream and butter and fat I cook with, my numbers are amazingly low. My doctor always compliments me. *blush*

11. How large was your first cellular phone?
HUGE. It was the kind that was corded and you carried it in a bag. Sexy!

12. Does your employer provide good health insurance?
Hmmmmm....well. given that I have no actual employer, no. That was part of the divorce settlement - three years of health insurance. And it doesn't suck, I must admit. However, we are coming up on that three year limit. This is why I MUST get a job as soon as I graduate. Obamacare scares me to death.

13. Did you use the internet to write a research paper?
Only in grad school. In high school & college I had to drag ass to the library and search thru index cards and microfiche and all that crap. Thank you Al Gore for the internets!

14. Have you attended a HS reunion?
I went to my 10 year reunion and had a blast. I planned to attend my 20, even paid the ridiculous amount for the dinner, and then didn't get to go. I'm still bitter. (And slightly horrified, realizing I've been out of high school over 25 years!)

15. How many jobs have you held in your professional career?
Three teaching/tutoring jobs. But I've had this mom gig going for over 17 years.

16 Have you ever been fired or laid off from a job?
Once. We don't talk about that.

17. What is your favorite drink?
Cocktail? I hardly drink anymore because of the headaches. I do appreciate a good martini or margarita. And a Colorado Bulldog makes me very happy. Until the migraine hits, anyway.
Mostly, I drink tea or water. All. day. long.

18. What is the most expensive bottle of wine that you have in your residence?
None. Unless you count the cooking sherry. I LOVE wine, but, again, it's rarely worth the migraine.

19. Have you been divorced?
Yep. We aren't going to talk about that either. You can read my archives or ask me about it if you're just dying to know.

20. How old were you when you stopped getting ID'd for Alcohol?
Years and years and years ago...

21. Favorite casino?
Ugh. Not a fan of casinos. If it's at the beach, then you go do your gambling thing & I'll be sitting under an umbrella, reading a book, & sipping a frozen beverage.

22. Are you happier now than you were in high school?
Hmmmm. I don't know. I am more comfortable in my own skin and have a better idea of who I am. I made some of my very best friends in high school, and I'm still in touch with many of them (even without the help of Facebook!). So I don't want it to sound like high school was a miserable experience for me. But 25 years does give you perspective, doesn't it?

23. Did you ever have Hypercolor shirts?
No, my mom wouldn't ever buy me one. How did those even work? I was always curious.

24. Do you remember when Michael Jackson was black and attracted to older people?
Yes! I thought he was wonderful. Then all of the sudden he was super creeper.

25. Do you remember when MTV actually played music videos?
Yes! I remember the day MTV debuted. It was so great -  The Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star". Duran Duran, Journey, Chicago. (I may have just embarrassed myself)

26. Have you had a will made?
Yes, but it was years and years ago. I really need to have a new one done.

27. What music was in your cd / cassette player when you were 16?
The Go-Gos, Journey, Madonna, Tears for Fears, Duran Duran....and, it was definitely a cassette player. I didn't have cds until after I got married. I'm REALLY old, y'all.

28. Favorite fancy / upscale restaurant?
My very favorite restaurant in Candyland just closed. I'm still in mourning.

29. How long has it been since you attended a kegger?
Oh, my. Not in this century, I can assure you.

30. How many major wars have you lived through?
Let's see, I was born while we were still in Viet Nam. Grenada (!), both Gulf Wars, I'm calling the Cold War a valid war, the War on Drugs(?)

31. Where were you when you found out about 9-11?
We were stationed in England. It was  4:30 in the afternoon there and my neighbor came to see if my father-in-law had made it home since he had flown out that morning. I had no idea why he'd be asking. It was terrifying. SD was stuck on base for what seemed like days. We couldn't go anywhere, which was fine because I was too scared to leave our little village. I wrote some about it in my tribute to one of the victims of at the World Trade Center.

The meme that was accidentally posted here the other day was one from several years ago that I had gone back and edited (I KNOW; it's a disease) and when I hit publish, it changed the date. So annoying.