Friday, February 08, 2008

The secret peanut

We took the kids out to dinner the other night (because, clearly, we are INSANE) to Texas Roadhouse. If you are not familiar with this restaurant, it is FAB. Truly one of my favorite places to eat. Classy? Not so much. It is one of those places that has peanuts on the table for you to munch on until your actual food gets there. My kids think that this is the ultimate in cool and LUURRRRVE shelling peanuts and licking the salt off of the shells. Because, duh, how cool is that?

On our way out of the restaurant, after STUFFING ourselves to the point of discomfort, Bug grabbed one last peanut out of the barrel (mmmmm food from a barrel!) and decided that he might save it. The ensuing monologue, for some reason, struck both SD and I as truly hilarious and we laughed until we couldn't breathe. SD literally - he is still recovering from pneumonia and had to pull over and let me drive home, he truly could. not. breathe.


This is my secret peanut.

I'm hiding my secret peanut in my pocket.

I have my secret peanut in my pants!!

I'm going to hold my secret peanut.

Mmmm! I licked my secret peanut and it tastes salty!!

Oh, look!! My secret peanut has a hole in it!

Is it just us, or was that really funny? Just us, huh? Poor Bug. His parents are 12 year old boys.

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