Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Buffi

1. It is freakin COLD in Ohio. Five inches of snow tomorrow. Bleh.

2. The next person who says something like, "Oh, this is nothing! Wait till February!" gets an icicle through the forehead.

3. Our driveway is on about a 60 degree incline. If it's icy, we have to park in the street and pray for mercy as we walk up to the door.

4. I love the heated seats in my van.

5. Cold weather=bulky sweaters & coats= no bra for days!!!

6. I love my winter hat. It is very cute AND? it keeps my ears warm. I got it at Marks & Spencer when we lived in England. I hope I never lose it.

7. One last good thing about cold weather? I can keep my Diet Coke in the garage and it's always cold. The beer and vodka are out there too. Oh, and the extra milk and OJ.

8. See, I can find a silver lining!

9. Can I have the sun back now?

10. Skirts. What happened to skirts? Now that my ass is carrying all of this Ohio fat, none of my church dresses fit. I want to just get a couple of skirts to wear to church. Not the flitty, flirty skirts of very little fabric that I keep finding. I just need a longish black or khaki skirt to wear with sweaters and boots. Is that too much to ask?

11. There is so much going on right now that I want so badly to blog about. But, I can't. Not yet at least. But I will. When I can. I promise. It's cool. Man. Very exciting.

12. I am purging all superfluous toys from my house this week. The toys that are only used as dumpage when the boys play "garbage man" such as puzzle pieces, random blocks and various Little People accessories are now GONE. The children have been given ample warning. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. But I. am. fed. up. It's gone. I'm simplifying our lives.

13. Hmmmm? What's that? All of those random kitchen tools I don't ever use? No, you may not touch them. At least not until I begin dumping them onto the floor. Then, it's open season.

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