Wednesday, December 21, 2005

If there were a uniform theme to this post, that would constitute a title, which, logically, would belong HERE

Bear is feeling better, thanks for all of your well wishes. Bug and SugarPlum are showing signs of illness, I am hoping that SP can at least make it through school tomorrow so that she can go to her Christmas party. She has played out in the snow every day for the last week. So, at least if she gets sick, it was worth it.

My Christmas present came today. I am pulling that baby out of the box tomorrow and doing some baking! I have been wanting one for so long. There was a Mervyn's going out of business in Dallas and one of my best friends (the Bride-to-Be) saw it. It was marked down quite a bit, so SD told her to get it for me. I am so excited.

We got all but two gifts mailed off Monday. All but The Queen and the Bride-to Be. But we all have an understanding. Gifts between us get there when they get there. Sometimes, they are on time other times, not so much. It's all good. Actually, the Queen has my gift for the Bride-to-Be. If she hasn't mailed it yet, I may ask her to mail it straight to B2B. Eliminate the middleman. Don't you love this whole stream of consciousness thing I have going with you people? If it weren't for the blog, I'd be walking around talking to myself. This way only YOU know I'm crazy.

I swore I wasn't buying any more presents for the kids. Then I took a look at what I had bought and noticed the great disparity in the number of gifts that SugarPlum and the boys have. She has such exciting diverse interests right now, I have had a blast shopping for her.

And the boys? Oh, the boys. They have just been driving me NUTS with the dumping and dispersing of the toys and crap that I have had a hard time making myself buy them anything. I got them these firefighter backpack hose thingies from Discovery*Toys this summer. You can put water in them but nobody better tell them that okay?! They have had so much fun playing firefighter that I thought they would like them. Now, I'm thinking that I'd like to get them fireman costumes or at least fireman hats. Problem? There are NONE in the Miami Valley, dammit! Of course, had I started looking sooner than the week before Christmas, I might have had better luck.

I got my dad one of those travel alarm clocks that you can record voices on and put a picture in. I'm going to record the kids saying "Cockadoodle doo, Gray Gray!!" because that is how they wake him up whenever he is here and he loves it!

I still don't have much for SD. He may be lucky to get anything. Heh.

I don't know if I have mentioned that my parents are coming on Christmas Day. And staying for two weeks. Did you get that last part? Two weeks, people. They are staying until after SugarPlum's birthday. I'm not sure I can stand that much togetherness. I may have to escape.

Thankfully, I have received a bounty of invitations as of late. If I show up on your doorstep, mumbling incomprehensibly, hand me a glass of wine, sit me down, pat my head and tell me everything will be okay. Just don't make me go back there. Promise?

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