Tuesday, May 30, 2006

My work here is done

Well, I got CRB married off on Sunday and it was just beautiful and as perfect as anyone could have ever hoped for. Everyone involved behaved themselves and got along and made the weekend wonderful for the bride and groom. (I still haven't thought of a nickname for the groom. Any suggestions from those who know him?)

However, I did abuse my liver about all weekend. The tequila was flowing. The good stuff, not bargain basement crap. I mostly stuck to beer though.

Then, Monday, I got to spend some quality time with Tommy & Peaches. They had plenty of that wonderful South American wine, too. So we stayed up late visiting and imbibing. Have you ever had Pisco? Very tasty! I also got to meet Kagnaszty . He's a handsome devil. Quiet though. Sort of the strong, silent type.

I got home a little late today because of the weather, but not too late. I was very happy to see the SugarBabies and I think that they were glad to see me. Judging from all the hugs and kisses anyway. Nothing better in the world!

Aaaaaaanyways....I will have pictures to post & will do so in the morning. For now, I need to go to sleep. And rest my liver.

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